Borinquen Beach, one of my favorites

Borinquen beach is one of my favorites in northwestern Puerto Rico. I know a few people who would agree.


The geography of the beach is incredible – there’s a 200 ft cliff which sits right below the Ramey Golf Course. Giant boulders have fallen from the cliff creating a beautiful environment at the far end of the beach. There’s a spot underneath the palm trees near the entrance of the beach where people like to camp.  You don’t have to worry about stepping on reef or rocks because the bottom is sandy making it perfect for swimming. There are even underwater caves along the cliff & submerged aircraft engines where fish & sea creatures like to hang out. On the right day beach treasures can be abundant, but sometimes they’re waiting for you where the water meets the sand, so bring your snorkel mask if you want to do a little treasure hunting.

There’s a lot to explore in the area of Punta Borinquen – an old lighthouse is a popular stop that’s further along the road. Wilderness beach is popular for surfing. There’s even a marked trail for hiking & mountain biking.


A local group, Rescate Playas Borinquen, has led a movement to make sure that this area has amenities, like a wooden bridge that connects the parking area with the beach, a picnic table for families, and trash cans. It’s a special place for a lot of people & we want everyone to enjoy it, so please do your part to take care of this beach when you’re there.


I’ve seen some amazing sunsets at Borinquen, but I also love getting there early in the morning & enjoying the vast beach without the crowds. Getting to any beach before the crowds arrive is always worth it.

The winter time is the surf season & if there are waves you should avoid getting in the water, especially if you are not a strong or experienced swimmer. The summer months are generally better for swimming – you can usually jump in, enjoy the water easily, & have an awesome beach day.


Borinquen beach is located near the Aguadilla airport off road 107. You have to drive through a public golf course to get there. The parking lot is at the bottom of the hill – it’s the first opportunity to turn off the road.