Day Trippin’ in La Parguera

La Parguera in Lajas is one of my favorite places for day tripping in Puerto Rico. When I have visitors in town for a short visit, or my friends & I just want to escape & have fun on the water for the day, La Parguera is our go-to. It’s a nature reserve, there are mangrove islands to explore & the water is crystal clear. It’s beautiful!

One of the reasons I like La Parguera so much is because we get to be on a boat! We rent from Fondo de Cristal. They provide excellent customer service in English & Spanish. The boats are well maintained & only a drivers license is needed to rent one for the day.

My 5 tips for renting your own boat & having a fun day out at La Parguera:

1. Arrive early. Get to the boat rental place early to make sure you get the boat you want, especially if it’s a holiday or busy weekend. You’ll need cash or a credit card & a driver’s license. The process to rent your boat may take a little while… it’s island time, RELAX!

2. Pack a cooler. There are places to eat nearby when you get off the boat, but if you plan to be on the water for a few hours you won’t regret having a stocked cooler with plenty of drinks & snacks. Don’t forget your reusable items to minimize the amount of trash you create.

3. Wear sun protection. Reef safe sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat & a long sleeved top for when you’re maxed out on sun exposure are my must-haves. Sunburns are never fun.

4. Bring water toys & don’t forget your towels. Snorkeling masks & floats make the day more fun & relaxing out in the water. Some people even bring beach chairs & umbrellas if they plan to hang out in the shallow water by the mangroves.

5. Music & memories – bring a speaker for music & a camera or phone for capturing memories. Anything waterproof is a plus!

BONUS TIP – Follow the laws. There are posted speed limits & life vest requirements for the kiddos. DRNA (The Department of Natural Resources) is vigilant about these rules & enforces them out on the water. I know this from experience! 🙂

Have fun!