The Playuela Nature Reserve is one of our favorite stretches of coastline in Puerto Rico, which is why I’m so happy that we were able to help purchase signs to educate about the importance of the land & show a map of the area with funds from my PR Charms for Charity initiative .

According to the Salvemos Playuela website, the Playuela Coastal Valley, located in the municipality of Aguadilla, is one of the most important ecosystems in Puerto Rico. Playuela is home to more than 600 species of flora and fauna, a dozen of which are endemic to Puerto Rico with at least eight being threatened or endangered species, including turtles and marine mammals, migratory birds, and threatened corals. If you’re interested, you can see a complete list of documented species (in Spanish) here.


Unfortunately, this paradise has been in danger due to the threat of a hotel development called the Christopher Columbus Landing Resort. The CCLR has threatened this part of the coastline since the 90’s & the local community has come together on multiple occasions to defend & protect Playuela from the irresponsible & illegal development that would not only change this beloved coastline forever, but would destroy the homes of many of these species along with the coral reef that is essential to a healthy marine ecosystem.

This is where Salvemos Playuela comes in…

SALVEMOS PLAYUELA is a community group that’s committed to protecting the ecological, cultural, and historical values of Playuela through educational activities and conservation & reforestation initiatives in both the Playuela valley and the local community. They are dedicated to promoting the importance of conserving and protecting this ecologically important and sensitive land, as well as maintaining free access to the area for all to enjoy.


Every year, I choose different organizations doing important work in Puerto Rico to support through the sale of the PR charms for charity. In 2020, I reached out to Salvemos Playuela about donating to their cause with funds raised from these necklaces. Thanks to everyone who has purchased a necklace & helped me give back to la Isla del Encanto.