by Ariana Pinero
Some good news from around Rincón to brighten your day!

Paseo Comunitario de 3 Palmas: Rincón's newest addition is a beautiful community path - built by the people of this community - connecting Steps Beach to Dogman's, providing everyone with a safe walking/bike path as well as plenty of access to our beautiful coastline and beaches. This path is laid out along where the old railroad used to run, and wherever the old railroad used to run is considered public land owned by the people. This project is a great way to ensure that these ecologically-sensitive areas will be protected as well as accessible for everyone to enjoy!

Join the Paseo Comunitario de 3 Palmas Facebook Group for more info as well as updates. Donations for this project (for permits, materials, maintenance...) can be made via Salva Rincon, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, just mention 3 Palms Community Walk in the comments.

Image via Paseo Comunitario de 3 Palmas Facebook.


The controversial development at Sol y Playa condos has been ordered to stop construction! Over the summer, the community came together to protest the construction of an illegal pool at Sol y Playa condos at Almendros Beach. Not only was the building of this pool in a very ecologically-sensitive area (during construction they were digging up sea turtle nests), but it would have also taken away a large portion of public beach. This past Monday a judge declared that the construction permits were in fact illegal, violating six state regulations + laws, and ordered construction to be stopped and all current development be removed from the beach within 120 days. What a HUGE win and a much-needed reminder of the power that comes from a strong community!

Read the full article on El Nuevo Día here.

Image via El Nuevo Día.


Isla Mar + HJR Reefscaping team up to repair damaged reef at Tres Palmas. As written by our friends at Isla Mar Research Expeditions, "On Friday we went back to the boat grounding site at the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve [that happened during that last big swell] and planted roughly 100 Elkhorn coral fragments. Some of the fragments were planted with our Medalla Light cement mix! A special thanks to all involved: the HJR Reefscaping team, Surfrider Puerto Rico, DRNA biologist Dra. Nilda Jimenez, the EREA volunteers, Isla Mar's divers, and the dive team from FURA! Great help meant great action was taken to mitigate the accidental grounding. Now we will continue to monitor these corals and see how they grow!

Be sure to follow Isla Mar on both Instagram and Facebook to stay up-to-date. And don't forget that a portion of the PR Charms for Charity benefits HJR Reefscaping and their work!