PR Charms for Charity x Fundación Surfrider Rincón

by Ariana Pinero

The Surfrider Foundation turns 40 this year! To celebrate Surfrider & the opening of the new space for Summer Love in Rincón, SLJ will donate a portion of sales from the PR CHARMS FOR CHARITY campaign to our local chapter, Fundación Surfrider Rincón.

Why I Give Back 

I was a teacher in Austin, TX in my previous life, and I found a lot of fulfillment working with students at the local public schools. When I returned to the island of my parents, I had to find other ways to give back, and I’ve been able to do that through the sale of my jewelry. 

I started selling the PR CHARM FOR CHARITY necklace in September 2019 as a way I could offer my unique skills and resources to support the island and people that I love & to highlight & support the different groups doing important work on the island. Learn more about PR CHARMS FOR CHARITY and other organizations we’ve supported through this campaign. Thank you for showing your connection and care for the island through these pieces! 

The Current Campaign: Fundaction Surfrider Rincon

The Surfrider Foundation was founded in 1984 by a group of surfers who got together to protect their surf spot. Today, there are chapters all around the globe fighting pollution, climate change, harmful policy, and overdevelopment of their coastal communities. 

A portion of the sales from the necklaces and rings in the PR Charms for Charity collection will be donated to Fundación Surfrider Rincón, a nonprofit organization that does weekly water testing at beaches in Rincón, Aguada, and Aguadilla. They organize beach cleanups, work with local coastal preservation groups, and offer workshops about ocean protection and conservation. 

I started volunteering with the Rincón chapter when I first moved to PR in 2011, and I’m especially proud that my jewelry will now support them too. We love them and the work they do! 

Learn more and get involved:

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