Workshop Recap: Sip 'n Stitch with Jade from Goddess Goods

by Ariana Pinero

The first workshop at the new space for Summer Love was Sip N Stitch, held on Friday, April 6th. We learned hand embroidery from Jade, owner and creator of Goddess Goods.

Jade’s tie dye and hand embroidered shirt designs have been in the shop since we opened. They are definitely a favorite amongst our clients. To make her creations, Jade uses second hand shirts which she dyes, cuts, & embroiders to give a second life. We were excited to learn more about the embroidery process & how we could revamp our own clothes by embroidering them. Using the techniques we learned from Jade, we patched holes, covered stains, & added unique designs to our old favorites. So much fun!

The wooden table in the middle of the shop was built specifically for workshops. Having a space where we can gather, learn, and most importantly, have fun, is something I’ve always dreamt about for my shop space. I look forward to hosting more workshops and having talented people like Jade share their skills.

Showing off our finished products. Thank you all for being part of this community!



Goddess Goods is a clothing brand that up-cycles clothes and uplifts the individual. Jade says, “We want people to think about the energetic footprint of their clothes. Besides the immense environmental impact of mass produced clothing, wearing something mass produced also subconsciously tells ourselves that we are not unique and we should abandon our authentic selves in order to fit in. When we dress independently we dare to show up for ourselves and demand the same from the world around us.” 

You can find Goddess Goods designs in the shop (on the 413 next to Sana Farm to Table) or at @shop.goddessgoods!